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Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting the Telebaby website. I’m Dr Samuel Heitner, the founder, and an experienced paediatrician working in Sydney, Australia.

It’s helpful to understand my background and experience along with the reasons for starting Telebaby, so let’s get started.


My Qualifications and Experience

Firstly, I am a paediatric consultant in the Emergency Department at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and at Liverpool Hospital. Alongside this, I work as a paediatrician at Sydney Southwest Private Hospital (SSWPH) providing care for babies in the special care nursery, as well as the post-natal ward. In addition to my practical experience, I am also a Clinical Associate Lecturer with The University of Sydney where I conduct clinical research and teach medical students and nurses as well as a Fellow of The Royal Australasian College of Physician (FRACP) – Paediatrics & Child Health Division.

I am passionate about the care of newborns, with a special interest in the unsettled baby, reflux and milk allergies. Over the course of my many years of experience, I’ve been treating hundreds of newborns with formula intolerance, feeding difficulties, inability to settle, reflux, poor weight gain, allergies and more.

With extensive experience as a paediatric consultant in the Emergency Department at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Liverpool Hospital, I have the privilege of treating hundreds of children each year during their acute illnesses. Driven by a strong mission to help children when they need it the most, I am dedicated to providing the necessary care and support during these challenging times.

I believe that all parents should have access to, and be able to consult with, an experienced paediatrician as soon as possible rather than looking for answers on Google, forums or advice from well-meaning friends. This often happens while waiting weeks upon weeks to see their paediatrician.

Outside of my work, I love travelling and getting involved in outdoor activities with my wife and three children. You can also find me volunteering with the medical response team attached to the annual City2Surf fun run.

Why start Telebaby?

Over the past few years, while working in my private practice, Emergency Department and the post-natal ward, I realised that families with newborns have many questions and can often encounter difficulties, especially at the beginning.

To get help, they must go to the GP and get a referral to see a paediatrician, a process which can take several weeks to months.

In the meantime, they are searching for answers by utilising Google, forums and speaking with friends, which in some cases causes more harm than good.

I also observed that a significant number of older children's visits to the Emergency Department could have been prevented had they been able to seek guidance from a paediatric emergency medicine consultant.

Common Questions
  • Does my baby have reflux or silent reflux? Is treatment needed?
  • My baby is very unsettled – is there anything that can help?
  • My baby is vomiting a lot - is this normal?
  • Do I need to change my baby’s formula?
  • Does my baby have Lactose intolerance?
  • Does my baby have cow's milk protein (dairy) allergy?
  • Does my baby need a prescription formula? Can I continue breast feeding?
  • My baby is constipated - what can I do?
  • My baby has some blood in their stool - what should I do?
  • My baby has frothy diarrhoea - can I continue breast feeding? Change formula?
  • Does my baby have a tongue tie?
  • My baby has yellow discharge in the eye (“sticky eyes”) - what do you recommend?
  • My baby has mild hip dysplasia - any exercises we can do to help?
  • My baby’s feet are twisted – what can we do to help?
  •  Is this a normal baby poo?
  • My baby has a rash over his body – what is it? What is the best treatment?
  • What is the best treatment for my child’s eczema?
  • My baby’s birth mark is growing - what should we do?
  • My baby had an allergic reaction to a new food - what do you recommend?
  • My baby does not sleep enough - How can we help?
  • Is my baby gaining enough weight? Is my baby feeding enough?
  • I am not sure if I need to take my baby to the Emergency Department - could you give me some advice?
  • My child has fever - what should we do?
  • My son has ear pain with discharge - how can I treat it?
  • Our child has abdominal pain - what should we do?
  • My daughter has been vomiting - is there anything we can do at home?
  • Our child sustained a head injury - should we go to the Emergency Department?
  • Our son’s Asthma has flared up - can you help us and give us an Asthma Action plan?

As you can see, having a newborn or sick child can be overwhelming and as parents, we have many questions.

During the COVID-19 outbreak I had to do many Telehealth consultations with my patients and found them to be very helpful, especially for my little patients.

Parents gave me excellent feedback and I began to wonder if it would be possible to continue this service in the future.

And that is how I landed here today - founding this excellent Telebaby service. As an experienced paediatrician, I am offering parents and caregivers across Australia the ability to consult with a Paediatric specialist to get answers to their questions today.

I have made it possible for you to consult with a paediatrician quickly (without a GP referral) and find answers to all your questions by using a Telehealth service via a video link. We will answer your questions and provide you with various services such as prescriptions, a referral for blood tests or imaging if needed. This great service is available from the comfort and safety of your home, without needing to leave your premises and potentially expose your bub to external viruses.

So, there you have it. I look forward to being of service to you and your little one. To find out more about the Telebaby process, click HERE.

Dr Samuel Heitner

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